Workshop Floor Cleaning Machine For Performance Car Centre

A3 Machines received an enquiry recently from a company in Telford who specialise in selling and servicing high-performance cars from makers such as Audi and BMW. Their customers are used to a premium service experience and so the company has high standards which includes showroom and workshop floor cleaning. Ideally, they needed a floor scrubber that could make light work of the job, especially in the workshop where it would need to deal with stubborn stains and other debris that comes with the movement and servicing of cars on a daily basis.

Before carrying out a demonstration we felt the best approach would be to visit the site, speak to the staff and carry out a free no obligation survey. The workshop floor comprised of ceramic tiles in a beige colour which showed every little mark and scuff; we were also able to talk to the staff and ascertain that staining was a common issue and with engine oil, break fluids and rubber tyre marks to deal with, the cleaning team needed as much help as they could get. With all this in mind we selected a couple of workshop floor cleaning machines that we felt would be ideal for the job and went along the following day to carry out a demonstration using a couple of refurbished machines. It’s worth noting that all our refurbished machines are serviced to a very high standard, all worn parts are replaced with new, they come with a 12 month guarantee and are performance tested.

Viper/Karcher Workshop Floor Cleaning

The two machines we demonstrated were a Viper Fang 24 and a Karcher B40C, both machines are battery powered which is ideal for mobility in large areas and operate as conventional Scrubber Dryers in that cleaning fluid is deposited onto the cleaning brushes at the front of the machine where it is scrubber into the floor and then extracted with a powerful vacuum at the read of the machine leaving the floor clean and dry.

Specification Karcher B40C Viper Fang 24
Length (cm): 121 141
Width (cm): 50 66
Height (cm): 114 100
Working width (cm): 85 81
Solution/Recovery Tank (litres): 40/40 66/75

Having demonstrated both of the machines workshop floor cleaning abilities, the customer opted for the Karcher B40C.  The Karcher was the less expensive of the two machines with a smaller capacity however they were satisfied it was powerful enough to handle the task and they also liked the fact that it had cylindrical brushes.

AutoTech During Workshop Floor-Cleaning
AutoTech During Workshop Floor-Cleaning
AutoTech During Workshop Floor Cleaning
AutoTech During Workshop Floor Cleaning

Having made the decision to purchased the Karcher B40C for their workshop floor cleaning we were able to walk them through all the options on the machine and took time to train them on the operational and maintenance aspects of the machine that will help them get maximum performance.

Choosing the Right Floor Cleaning Machine for Performance Vehicle Workshop

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