Viper Fang 20HD Scrubber Drier Review

With a lower productivity rate and slightly smaller chassis the Viper Fang 20HD Scrubber Drier is classed by Viper Cleaning as a Medium sized “Heavy Duty” model in the Viper Fang range. The number 20 actually relates to the 51cm cleaning width of the machine, i.e. 20 inches. The Fang 24T with a cleaning width of 61cm (24 inches) is probably the best selling machine in the range however it’s also larger so if your requirement is for a “Heavy Duty” machine that’s more agile with a similar capacity then it worth looking at the 20HD.

Voltage (V) 220-240 24 24 24 24
Weight (kg) 65.5 138 129 130 132
Operating weight (kg) 95.5 214 265 266 269
Solution/recovery tank (l) 30/41 61/61 66/75 66/75 66/75
Productivity rate (m²/ h) 1100 2000 2400 2600 2800
Brush speed/pressure (RPM/kg) 210/30 200/91 200/91 200/91 200/91
Sound pressure level (dB(A)) 68 69 68 68 68
Length x width x height (cm) 110×54.5×97 144x56x99 141x66x100 141x66x100 141x66x100
Cleaning path/width (cm) 45 51 60.9 66 71.1
Squeegee width (mm) 750 750 810 810 915
Vacuum motor power (W) 1000 400 560 560 560
Vacuum motor type 2-stage 2-stage 3-stage 3-stage 3-stage
Brush motor (W) 750 560 560×2 560×2 560×2

The Fang range are manufactured by Viper Cleaning who have a long history in professional cleaning equipment and are part of the part of the Nilfisk group.

Viper Fang 20HD Scrubber Dryer
Viper Fang 20HD Scrubber Dryer

Viper Fang 20 HD Scrubber Dryer: Benefits and Features

The Viper Fang 20HD is medium-sized walk-behind scrubber/dryers engineered to be robust, reliable and service friendly. Its ergonomic design allows you to easily see the floors around the machine and the variable pad pressure feature makes it possible to adjust the applied force to suit your cleaning needs allowing you to increase pressure for the tougher dirtier areas. A big 61 litre tank capacity and a longer battery run time make it possible to clean for a longer time than its competitors.

Further features include:

  • Simple and easy to use controls
  • Up to 91kg of variable pad pressure
  • Variable speed transaxle drive
  • Forward and reverse drive

The machine is ideally suited for scrubbing and drying in a variety of environments including challenging tough and dirty industrial situations. The rotationally moulded housing and heavy-duty aluminium squeegee assembly make this machine particularly robust but also lightweight, with Viper’s engineering striking the fine balance between usability and solidity.

The machine comes with an extra set of squeegees on board, ensuring the user can regularly change and clean part when needed. There is also an on-board charger for the battery. The vacuum motor is two-stage, meaning the pressure applied by the vacuum can be altered for different surfaces if needed.

The brush is powered by a 560w motor, whilst the vacuum is powerful controlled by a 400w motor. The solution and recover tank can hold 61 litres of liquid and the machine weighs approximately 138kg as standard which allows it to gain extra traction when cleaning tough and dirty floors. Naturally weight will increase depending on the liquid contained in the machine.

Viper 20 Battery Powered Scrubber Dryer: Maintenance

Whilst the Viper Fang 20HD is certainly a solid machine and comes with a long warranty, however regular usage will create wear and tear. Because of this, it is important the user has their machine serviced annually, which will offer the opportunity to repair existing problems whilst also ensuring the machine performs at its peak level.

Problems caused by wear and tear include:

  • Battery levels
  • Scale build-up in the tanks
  • Filter blockages
  • Moving parts drying out and needing greasing
  • Loosening of hose connections
  • Charger problems
  • Loose or lost seals

All of these issues can occur with long term use but can be addressed easily enough with regular servicing. Here at A3 machines we also stress the need to ensure staff receive training in the correct use of machinery to reduce unnecessary service callouts. For example recently we sent an engineer to a client in Doncaster to service a machine that was not recovering dirty water. However, it turned out that this was due to user error due to an operator having not re-attached the suction rubber after cleaning the machine.

All our Sales and Service staff are trained to provide operator training on the correct use and maintenance of the machines we provide in order to ensure as many of these items can be handled on site as possible, before they become a problem.

Overview of the Viper Fang 20HD Scrubber Dryer

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