Viper AS5160 Scrubber Drier Overview

The Viper AS5160 Scrubber Drier is the latest version of the AS range made by Viper Cleaning who are a Danish company with a head office in Copenhagen and part of the Nilfisk group. They specialise in professional cleaning equipment with an aim is to exceed customer expectations with a range of reliable, easy-to-use and service friendly machines. Certainly their machines have proved very popular and we have a number of customers who have purchased this model and the AS510 that came before. The Viper range extends from small scale carpet cleaner’s right through to larger machines intended for retail or industrial purposes.

Features and Benefits of the Viper AS5160 Scrubber Drier

The Viper AS5160 is the latest version of this ergonomically designed medium-sized walk behind scrubber Drier; this makes it ideally suited for cleaning medium to large areas of flooring that see heavy traffic. The tank design is such that both the solution and recovery tanks are amalgamated into a single tank, allowing for a larger capacity tank. The new model features a bigger cleaning and recovery tank than its predecessor at 61 litres which allows for even longer operation to be undertaken with less stops for emptying.

Viper AS5160 Scrubber Drier
Viper AS5160 Battery Powered High Capacity Scrubber Dryer

It is easy to use, thanks to the design of the moulded body and the built-in 10amp battery charger. It also features reduced pushing force, making it easier to move and the start/stop switch is designed with user handling thoroughly in mind. The recovery tank itself features a larger cover than other competitors. This is a design decision that has been taken to ensure that the emptying process is as simple as possible for the user. It is easy to fill, and the brush and vacuum motors are well protected from contact with water, making the machine not only easy to use, but also safe.

There are two models available, the AS5160 and AS5160T, the later being a Traction model with an additional 150w driver motor. This does make it 6kg heavier than the non-traction model which has a gross vehicle weight of 215kg.

In terms of size the Viper AS5160 Scrubber Drier is slightly larger than the AS510B and measures in at 137 x 60 x 122 cm. The squeegee width has remained the same at 79 cm as has the brush/pad diameter at 51 cm.
The brushes/pads can be changed for colour-coded pads, each of which performs a specific task, whether it be for light soiling, severe dirt or a finishing polish. The brush is powered by a 450w motor, whilst the vacuum is powered by a 350w motor.

On the whole, it is:
• Easy to manoeuvre and handle
• Easy to use and service
• Ergonomically designed
• Robust Heavy duty, thanks to its moulded casing
• Powered by two 12V 100Ah batteries.
• Suitable for medium to large areas

Viper AS5160 Scrubber Drier Maintenance

Although the machine is robust and heavy-duty, as with anything, consistent use will result in regular wear and tear over time. As such, it is important to get an annual service carried out on the machine, to spot and repair any potential problems that have arisen or are likely to arise with further use. Common issues that regularly need addressing are:

• Scale build-up in the water tanks
• Filter blockages
• Greasing
• Connections
• Battery maintenance

These are all resolved with simple maintenance routines and spares are available for replacing squeegee blades and the 20inch cleaning pad holder and brush. However, recently, an A3 Machines engineer was called to a store in Telford to replace a wheel which had fallen off an AS510. This is an uncommon problem, and it transpired during the visit that the damage to the wheel was caused by user-error, rather than any inherent fault with the machine itself.

Viper AS5160 Floor Cleaning Scrubber Drier Review

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