Tennis Court Cleaning Equipment for David Lloyd Leisure

Being the main supplier of floor cleaning equipment to the David Lloyd Leisure Group we are often asked to advise and recommend on the latest machinery for use in their clubs around the country. On this occasion we were asked to visit one of their two clubs in Solihull regarding Tennis Court Cleaning.

David Lloyd Leisure Group

David Lloyd Leisure Group

David Lloyd have 98 clubs in the UK and a further 13 across mainland Europe. They have approximately 570,000 members and employ 8,600 people, including an expert health and fitness team of over 2000 and more than 680 tennis professionals.

Across all of their clubs, they have over 180 swimming pools and offer more than 13,000 exercise classes every week. Their racquet facilities are unrivalled, with 1000 tennis courts, and more than 400 badminton and squash courts. They also offer outstanding coaching programmes for children and every week 25,000 children learn to swim and 16,000 learn to play tennis in our clubs. But they provide more than just amazing fitness facilities, they also have health and beauty spas, lounges with free Wi-Fi, crèches, nurseries and specialist sports shops.

Recommending a Tennis Court Cleaning Machine

Keeping large areas such as Tennis Courts clean can be very labour intensive and quite a problem if you need to do it on a regular basis which is certainly the case at the David Lloyd Clubs due to their high standard. The solution is to use a scrubber dryer that can wash, scrub and dry a floor with a single pass. They are available in many sizes and having inspected the floor surface at the club we recommended a Nilfisk SC400 Battery powered scrubber dryer which offers great productivity for the price.

Additionally, we recommended they purchase a Nilfisk SW750 Sweeper to clear the floor of any debris prior to cleaning. Debris like this can be a real problem for scrubber dryers as it can get sucked up into the recovery tank pipework where it clogs the machine.

Details of the two machines below:

Nilfisk SC400 Battery Powered Scrubber Dryer

The Nilfisk SC400 provides you with the cleaning capacity and flexibility of a large scrubber/dryer but built into a compact machine, easy to operate and efficient to use. The SC400 is ideally suited for daily indoor scrubbing and drying in light to medium tasks such as schools, institutions, hotels, smaller supermarkets and other retail outlets.

Nilfisk SC400 Battery Powered Scrubber Dryer
Nilfisk SC400 Battery Powered Scrubber Dryer

The innovative handle is equipped with a practical LED display showing battery and water levels. Electronic flow control buttons, safety switch and on/off levers give you complete control. Easy, safe and efficient, the SC400 gives you better manoeuvrability and makes it easier to clean closer to walls and other obstructions. The squeegee system, redesigned with a foot pedal lifting system instead of squeegee cables and even more resistant, makes the daily job more comfortable and effective.

Like all Nilfisk machines, the SC400 is built with your needs in mind. Outstanding ergonomics and simple, intuitive controls reduce fatigue and require a minimum of training. You can do your job more efficiently and save time and money in the process.

Nilfisk SW750 Sweeper

The Nilfisk SW750 is a battery powered, truly versatile sweeper that can go anywhere and be used on everything from retail areas to in this case tennis court cleaning. It comes with an on-board charger as standard to save time and it sweeps so silently at just 59 dB it can be used even in the most noise sensitive areas without risk of causing disturbance.

Tennis Court Cleaning with a Nilfisk SW750 Floor Sweeper
Nilfisk SW750 Floor Sweeper

In fact, the entire design is so efficient, and so cleverly thought-out, that productivity is assured even with an inexperienced operator, while operating costs are minimized.

All Nilfisk machines are designed with your needs in mind. Outstanding ergonomics and simple, intuitive controls to reduce fatigue and minimise training requirements. You can do your job more efficiently and save time and money in the process.

Both these machines have since been purchased, they chose the option of buying refurbished machines which as with all our machines come with a full twelve months parts and labour warranty.

Choosing Professional Machinery for Tennis Court Floor Cleaning

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