School Floor Cleaning Demonstration with a Taski Swingo 750E

A3 Machines recently received a request from the head of the contract cleaning company that services Deykin Avenue School in Witton, they need a machine to help with the school floor cleaning and wanted our assistance to select the right machine.

A3 Machines 2017 Sales Brochure
A3 Machines 2017 Sales Brochure

They had received a copy of our brochures a few months ago and having won the contract to clean the school, were now looking for a floor cleaning machine to keep on site at the school. Up until recently the cleaning had been done in-house.

Were currently working on a new brochure which should be ready in June, if you would like a copy do let us know and we will post one to you when its ready.




School Floor Cleaning at Deykin Avenue School

Having asked all the relevant questions i.e. what of type of floors, floor coverings and area, we suggested that we come down to the school and demonstrate the most suitable floor cleaning machine for the job. We like to really get to know our customers and understand their needs so were always happy to do this.

Deykin Avenue School is located in Witton which is an inner-city area of Birmingham and approximately two miles from the City centre. The school pre-dates world war two and caters for Infants and Juniors from four to eleven years of age. The majority of floors ie in the classrooms and corridors were covered with vinyl, whilst the sports hall come assembly hall, come dining hall had a beautiful, original parquet flooring.

All floors with the exception of the parquet floor had been “cleaned”, over many years, with a mop and bucket, which of course does not clean properly because the dirt is simply being moved, via the mop, from one area to another. The parquet floor had been “cleaned” using a floor polisher. Not surprising, we found all the floors to be sticky, the vinyl covered ones because of the use of the mop and bucket and the parquet floor because it was being polished, but not actually cleaned beforehand.

Taski Swingo 750E Demonstration

We visited the school and met with the head of the contract cleaning company along with six members of his team to demonstrate to them a Taski Swingo 750E Mains Powered Walk Behind Pedestrian Scrubber Dryer. This machine is suitable for cleaning all the floor areas in the school and is easy to use.

Each member of the team was able to try out the school floor cleaning capabilities of the machine and all liked it and found it to be very user friendly. They were all shocked to see the colour of the water in the dirty water tank, even after just a small area had been cleaned and in the photograph below you can see the difference the machine made to the Parquet flooring.

Parquet Floor During School Floor Cleaning at Deykin School Birmingham
Parquet Floor During Cleaning at Deykin School Birmingham

Impressed by the abilities of the machine and the clear improvement it would have on the school floor cleaning the company purchased the machine. Were confident that once the machine has been in use for a few weeks and all the years of dirt have been released the school will notice a huge difference.

Taski Swingo 750E Specifcation

The Taski Swingo 750E is a walk-behind scrubber dryer with a 33-litre cleaning solution tank has the ability to clean 1935m2 of flooring per hour. The machine is mains powered and has a working width of 17 inches (43 cm).

The patented brush design follows the floor profile and delivers nearly even
pressure allocation along the full working width. This results in excellent soil
removal back to its 30-litre recovery tank. The U-shaped squeegee allows excellent water pick-up along the full working width

The Taski Swingo 750 offers maximum agility in confined areas due to a dual-axle system which makes the machine highly manoeuvrable and very easy to transport. All maintenance points are colour coded for easy identification which in turn reduces staff training time.

School Contract Cleaning with a Taski Swingo 750E

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