Supplying Facilities Management Service Providers

Our sales team’s main objective is to ensure customers get the right equipment for their needs first time round, and this remains our goal for all our customers whether they are a small retailer or cleaner right up to the many large Facilities Management Service Providers we work with.

Becoming the preferred supplied to large Facilities Management companies is not an easy tasks as most have strict checklists in place to ensure a high standard of quality control right through the supply chain.  As a result we have found its important to offer our customers a large choice of inventory from all the major cleaning machine suppliers and to be able to back that up with a full package of services from Sales through to Servicing, Repair and Training across the UK.

An example of this being the PCS Group who are a major facilities management services provider for whom we supply floor cleaning machines, servicing and regular training.

PCS Group - Facilities Management Services
PCS Group – Facilities Management Services

The PCS Group

Founded in 1979, the PCS Group is now a well established integrated facilities services provider and manager of all types of commercial, industrial and institutional property. Over the years it has grown from its original commercial cleaning roots and diversified into property maintenance and refurbishment, property security and facilities management. All of these services are provided and collectively to its clients, which exceed 550, right across the UK.

With a large and diverse portfolio of clients the PCS group often reach out to us for assistance and recently purchased a number of machines from us, which we were only too happy to deliver. These included:

  • Battery Powered i-Mop Scrubber Dryer
  •  Two 17 inch Truvox Obis Polishers
  • Two Viper LSU135 Wet and Dry Vacuums
  • Viper AS510C Mains Powered Scrubber Dryer

i-Mop Scrubber Drier – The i-Mop Scrubber Drier offers the flexibility of a standard mop and bucket with the scrubbing power of a traditional battery powered deck. It boasts to be the world’s first compact scrubber drier which produces big results. The i-Mop leaves no dirty residue on the floor and scrubs and dries simultaneously. It is cordless, making it very agile and able to clean those hard to reach places with no need to worry about the restriction of a cord. It is lightweight and easy to use, and the decent battery life saves time and effort when cleaning. It has a magnificent turning radius, i-Mop themselves boasting that the machine can “turn on a sixpence” and overall, is a high quality and versatile cleaning machine.

Truvox Orbis Polisher – The Truvox Orbis floor polisher is (17” model), is a single disc rotary machine that offers exceptional handling and a cost-effective solution for cleaning and polishing hard floors.

Viper LSU135 Wet & Dry Vacuum – A robust professional wet/dry vacuum cleaner. The VIPER LSU 135 is a wet/dry professional vacuum cleaner, it is easy to use, robust and has optimal suction power. LSU product family has a modular design with different tank capacities and motor quantities, tank capacity for LSU 135 is 35 litres, it has one motor. You can choose stainless steel tank or red plastic tank. As standard, the machine is delivered with the following accessories: crevice tool, round dusting brush, wet pick-up tool and dry pick-up tool.

Viper AS510C Mains Powered Scrubber Drier – The perfect solution for scrubbing and drying in mid-sized and heavy-traffic areas. The solution tank and recovery tank are integrated into one moulded part which creates higher tank capacity. The body architecture helps to increase tank capacity for longer cleaning operations with one fill. This saves you time! The cover of recovery tank is much bigger than competitor products and it makes the cleaning of the recovery tank easier. Easy to fill clean water tank, both brush and vacuum motors are very well protected from water splash. It measures at 120 x 61 x 117 cm and features 40 litre solution and recovery tanks, which mean ease of use and longer gaps between stops.

This diverse shopping list should give you an idea of the diverse range of machines we can supply, all of which have now been delivered to PCS.

Supplying the needs of Facilities Management Companies

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