School Floor Cleaning with a Comac Visper 35b in Preston

A3 Machines have a long history of servicing the needs of schools and colleges around the country and recently a school in the Lancashire town of Preston asked our sales team to visit and recommend a new machine.

School floors experience a lot of foot traffic during term time and to keep them in a clean state you need a machined that can negotiate corridors and perform an effective scrub of hard surfaces and carpet tiles.

The school was an existing customer, we had sold to them in the past and were currently servicing those machines.   Even so, we recommended popping down to the school so we could carry out a fresh site survey, understand any issues they were experiencing and demonstrate a new machine.

School Floor Cleaning Demonstration in Preston

Having spoken to the school at length over the phone and having worked in this sector we already had a good idea of the problems the school face when cleaning floors; so before paying them a visit we thought it would be prudent to bring a machine for them to take a look at. 

They were looking for a machine that was efficient, user friendly and cost effective to clean the school hall and corridors.  With this in mind we chose to demonstrate a Comac Visper 35b scrubber dryer which is has quickly become one of our most popular machines.  It’s very manoeuvrable and the battery makes it ideal for cleaning congested areas where a cable would be a problem.  Additionally, its cleaning width of 350mm provides a good compromise between manoeuvrability and productivity.

Comac Visper 35b Scrubber Dryer Demonstration Preston School
Comac Visper 35b Scrubber Dryer Demonstration Preston School

The cleaning demonstration went well, and the school were very impressed with the capabilities of the Comac Visper.  We discussed the various purchase options including long-term rental and I’m pleased to say the agreed to purchase our demonstration machine the same day.  The machine was a refurbished model and was priced within their budget.

Comac Visper 35b Scrubber Dryer

The Comac Visper 35b is the smallest 35cm battery powered scrubber on the market. Great for cleaning congested areas where a cable would be a problem.  Its clever design allows it fold flat making it easy to store, it can even fit in the boot of a small car.   The Gel filled battery and on-board charger connects to any mains socket. Our price includes battery, battery charger and a scrubbing brush or drive disc.

Comac Visper 35b
Comac Visper 35b Scrubber Dryer

The Vispa 35B is user friendly: just fill up the solution tank with water and detergent, fit the brush and lower the squeegee to start operating.  The controls which manage the water flow, brush motor and suction motor are self-explanatory.

Voltage 12 volt
Solution Tank Capacity 10 litre
Recovery Tank Capacity 10 litre
Cleaning Width 350 mm
Pad Size 350 mm
Brush Motor 250 watt
Weight 67 kgs
Length 682 mm
Width 440 mm
Height 1018 mm

Comac Visper 35b Scrubber Dryer Demo

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