School Floor Cleaning – Whitegate Primary in Cheshire

Specifying exactly the right machine for any given situation is a specialty of ours and this is especially important when it comes to school floor cleaning where you must take child safety into account. We do a lot of work supplying and maintaining floor cleaning machines at schools and colleges and have become quite familiar with their unique requirements.

A couple of weeks ago we were contacted by a head teacher who having received a copy of our latest floor cleaning brochure felt the time had come to upgrade from their mop and bucket method of school floor cleaning to a more effective machine. I say effective as mopping simply moves dirt and germs from one area across to another where as a machine will scrub, rinse and dry a floor in a single pass. Normally schools leave the job of intensive cleaning to the end of term holidays but with a scrubber dryer you can ensure the floor is scrubbed clean daily. The head teacher also wanted to be prepared for the onset of winter which will bring muddy foot prints, not to mention paw prints from “Buddy” their school canine friend.

Whitegate Primary School Logo

School Floor Cleaning at Whitegate Primary

Whitegate Church of England Primary School is set in the picturesque Cheshire countryside between the towns of Northwich and Winsford. There has been a school in Whitegate since 1779 but the current building dates to 1886.

As well as occasional visits from “Buddy” the school has 24 staff serving 122 pupils aged between 5 and 11. All of whom take their toll on the flooring which is a mixture of laminate and Vinyl. The building is a single storey and comprises of a hall, classrooms, offices and kitchen.

The main area to be cleaned was the wood effect laminate flooring in the school hall which doubled up as a dining room as well as the vinyl flooring in the adjoining kitchen area.

Viper AS430B Battery Operated Scrubber Dryer

With all this in mind we took along a Viper AS430B Scrubber Dryer which is battery powered and has a water tank capacity of 40 litres which would be more than enough to clean the area in one go without the need to empty and refill. Being battery powered there would be no trailing power leads to cause trip hazards and as the machine dries the floor as part of its operation there would be no wet floors to worry about either.

If you’re not familiar with the operation of Scrubber Dryers you should know that the machine works by applying water and detergent onto a circular pad (we used a green pad for this application) at the front of the machine, the pad then scrubs the solution into the floor and then collects the now soiled cleaning solution at the back of the machine using a squeegee rubber where it is extracted from the floor by a vacuum into a recovery tank on the machine. The floor is left completely dry after approximately ten minutes.

Whitegate Primary Kitchen During School Floor Cleaning
Whitegate Primary Kitchen During School Floor Cleaning

All concerned were very impressed with the results and agreed to buy the machine straight away, this also saved on a delivery charge which always helps when you’re working to a tight budget. Before leaving we provided hands on training to ensure the staff knew how to use all the functions of the machine and be able to carry out regular maintenance activities. The supplied machine was brand new and comes with a 12 months parts and labour warranty.

School Floor Cleaning with a Viper AS430B scrubber dryer

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