School Floor Cleaning with a Viper AS380/15B in London

Here at A3 machines we provide cleaning machinery to all sorts of businesses and organisations; no job is too small or too large for out equipment and we are more than ready to travel to your premises to demonstrate our range of cleaning machines and advise on which machine would suit the task best including in the case School Floor Cleaning.

Schools are a favourite of mine as I love the energy children generate, so I was more than happy to visit this preparatory school in Southgate, North London to advise on a suitable floor cleaning machine. The school is an Independent Day School and Nursery for children aged 3-11 years and is normally quite hectic however this visit took place during the autumn half term holidays so we had the whole school to ourselves.

Choosing the Right Machine for School Floor Cleaning

Coming after a full term has ended was quite useful as we could clearly see the impact of two months of foot traffic which helped us get a better understanding of their School Floor Cleaning  requirements.

The premises are in a two storey building consisting of a large dining hall/assembly hall, two offices and approximately fifteen classrooms. There are also a number of long corridors to take into consideration.  The floor in the hall is a concrete base with a vinyl floor covering. The corridors and classrooms are laminated. Because of high traffic areas around the school, the floor surfaces soon become very dirty. There were also several scuff marks on the laminated flooring areas.

School Floor Cleaning and removing scuff mark with a VIPER BS380B at a London Preparatory School
Removing Scuff Marks With a VIPER BS380B at London Preparatory School in Southgate, North London

Due to the size of the hall, we originally recommend an ex demonstration Viper AS5160 Pedestrian Battery Scrubber Dryer but due to the fact that the school floor cleaning machine needed to be light enough to carry up and down the stairs, we offered a Viper AS380/15B Battery Powered Scrubber Dryer. This is a smaller machine, and we advised that the batteries be removed prior to carrying the machine up and down the stairs, to lighten the load. This battery weighs 21kg so it does make a difference and can be easily removed which we were happy to demonstrate.

The proof is in the pudding so they say so we gave them a full demonstration of the machine on both the Laminate and Vinyl floors. They could see how effective the machine was and so I’m pleased to say they agreed to purchase it and so before leaving full training was given on how to use and care for the machine.

The Viper AS380/15B

The AS380/15B is a compact walk-behind scrubber dryer that has both a scrubbing brush and a drive board that where floor pads can be attached depending on the level of cleaning required. It’s easy to use and with handles on the side of the water tank and is ideal for cleaning floors in narrow areas such as hallways. The handles are foldable which makes it easy to transport and store and also adjustable making it ergonomic. Furthermore the AS380 is easy to service and maintain and is available in mains powered (AS380/15C) and 33Ah battery powered (AS380/15B) versions.

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Viper Cleaning Machine Demonstration at North London School

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