Planning for the Big School Holiday Clean

It’s nearly June and the summer holidays are rapidly approaching. Whilst many might be looking forward to a couple of weeks off in the sun, the summer recession is one of the few times of the year when long maintenance activities can happen.  An example being that thorough holiday clean that takes place in schools around the country over the summer and we should give a thought to the army of school caretakers and cleaning staff who are planning to do exactly that.

Cleaning School Floors the Easy Way

At A3 Machines we often come across cleaning staff who are still cleaning floors the old-fashioned way with a mop and a bucket; which lets face it moves dirt around rather than removes it.  Modern floor scrubber dryers are the best way to tackle the regular cleaning of school floors, they scrub, extract dirt and dry the floor in one swift and efficient action and means you don’t need to wait until the holidays to give your floors a deep clean.

School Floor Cleaning Case Histories

The use of floor scrubbing machinery is becoming more and more common in schools around the country; there are many manufactures and models to choose from so if you need help choosing a machine do get in touch, we can ever organise a demonstration.  Here are some examples of schools we have helped recently:

karcher BR40 25 Scrubber Dryer
karcher BR40/25
  • Earlier this year we visited a school in Blackburn to repair their compact yet powerful Karcher BR40/25 floor scrubber dryer. This is a battery-operated machine that can clean and polish surfaces up to 800m2 making it ideal for corridors and smaller classrooms. Read more in the following article:
  • A contract cleaning company in Birmingham bought from us a Taski Swingo 750E which is a medium sized floor scrubber dryer and has a performance rating of 1935m2 per hour. The company had a contract to clean a local school and the machine was ideal for cleaning the parquet flooring in their large assembly/sports hall.  Read more in the following article:
Viper AS710R Ride-On Scrubber Drier
Viper AS710R

So, if you’re the Headmaster of a School or Principal of a College and have yet to make an investment in floor cleaning technology now is the time to contact A3 Machines on 01630 661 596 and let us help you make this year’s Holiday Clean Planning much easier.  We will listen to your needs and then visit your premises to demonstrate the best machine for your needs.  We work with all the well known brands in the business and can provide new or reconditioned machines for outright purchase, lease or hire.


Parquet Floor During the Big Holiday Clean at Deykin School Birmingham
Parquet Floor During Cleaning at Deykin School Birmingham

School and College Summer Holiday Clean

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