Recommending a Nursing Home Floor Cleaning Machine

Following a response from one of our marketing programs we were asked to visit North Wales to help select the best Nursing Home floor cleaning machine.

Floor Cleaning Requirements of a Private Nursing Home

The home caters for elderly people with dementia and is situated in a very large old manor house. The majority of the floors are carpeted with the exception of the dining hall, slouch room, bathrooms and resident’s private bathrooms.

The home consists of twenty bedrooms, all with en suite shower rooms, three residents’ lounges, one dining room, a large kitchen, staff room, two large bathrooms and a slouch room. All rooms are accessed via a long hallway with the carpets in all areas require cleaning and sanitising at least once weekly but realistically, this can be a daily occurrence.

As always, our sales staff had asked all the right questions to enable to us take with us the best Nursing Home floor cleaning machine capable of doing the job to the highest standard.

As the home has both carpeted and vinyl floor coverings, we took with us a Truvox Multiwash MW340 which is effective on a number of different floor surfaces. The machine has two interchangeable brushes. One set is for hard floor surfaces whilst the other set is for carpeted areas. It can also be supplied with a trolley for ease of transportation.

The Truvox Multiwash MW340 is a mains powered machine and is very user friendly. It washes, mops, scrubs and dries on both hard and soft floor surfaces in one single pass. Featuring a rotating drum that removes the water and dirt from the brushes, you gain a spotless floor that’s ready to walk on in minutes.

After demonstrating the machine on the different surface the cleaning staff at the care home we more that satisfied this would be a good choice for their environment. We have a number of these machines in stock at the moment and so are able to supply them quite quickly; we can also have hire and lease options available.

To protect the dignity of the residents we were not allowed to film or take any photographs. However, we have attached a photograph of the machine where it was being used in a factory.

Truvox Multiwash MW340 Nursing Home Floor Cleaning
Truvox Multiwash MW340 Floor Cleaner

The Truvox Multiwash MW340 Floor Cleaning Machine

There are 5 models available featuring different cleaning widths and capacities, ensuring you have a scrubber dryer that directly meets your requirements. Cleaning virtually every floor, the smallest model in the range – Multi wash 240 – features a 24 cm cleaning path, making it ideal for supermarkets and food service areas where there are confined spaces such as behind counters. Other models provide maximum productivity for larger cleaning areas such as nursing homes, as in this case, leisure facilities, retail and education.

The Multiwash range is also ideal for Hospital and Nursing Home Floor Cleaning where hygiene is of the up most importance. You can easily change and colour code the brushes for different cleaning areas – preventing cross contamination whilst also providing outstanding cleaning results, maximum productivity and a cost-effective floor care solution.

Nursing Home Floor Cleaning with a Truvox Multiwash MW340

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