Nilfisk SC450 Demonstration at Birmingham Youth Centre

This was our second visit to The Factory Young People’s Centre in Birmingham where we did a cleaning demonstration of the Nilfisk SC450 Scrubber Dryer. Although we try to spec the right machine before arriving at a customer’s premises you never know for sure until you try it on-site and, in this case, it was clear a larger machine was needed to do the job. Our aim is to ensure we specify exactly the right machine for the customer and this is why an on-site demonstration is so important.

Youth Centre Floor Cleaning

Provided by Birmingham City Council Youth Service, The Factory is a modern, state of the art youth centre located in Longbridge, South Birmingham. The Centre provides a multitude of activities and opportunities for young people (aged 10-25), from weekly youth club programmes and events to a range of services and support that young people may require.

The building is also used as a conference centre and its facilities which include a large Conference Room, Meeting Rooms, an IT Suite, Sports Hall, Dance Studio and Kitchen are available for hire. With a large variety of floor coverings to keep clean on a regular basis we needed to demonstrate a machine that would have the flexibility to manage them all.

Roller Disco in the Sports Hall of the The Factory Youth Centre
Roller Disco in the Sports Hall  – Photo Courtesy of The Factory Youth Centre

Multi-Surface Cleaning with the Nilfisk SC450

We started our demonstration on the ground floor which was mainly covered in Altro flooring which has a high slip resistance. The demonstration went very well and the Nilfisk SC450 fitted with a green pad turned out to be an ideal combination for their Altro covered floors. They then asked if they could see the machine in action in the sports centre which was on the next floor. This meant taking the machine up a level in the lift, luckily it just fitted.

The sports centre has a wooden floor and therefore we changed the green pads from the downstairs application to red pads for the wooden floor. Again, the machine performed well and at the end of the demonstration we were rewarded with an order from the client. It is worth a mention that this machine can also be used with a brush attachment.
The Nilfisk SC450 Scrubber Dryer

Nilfisk SC450 Scrubber Dryer

In line with the century old Nilfisk tradition, the Nilfisk SC450 pedestrian battery powered scrubber dryer combines performance, reliability, productivity and ease of use in a well-designed and cost efficient scrubber dryer.

The SC450 has been developed in conjunction with the contract cleaner sector aimed at reducing the total cost of ownership for end users. With a highly competitive price tag, high durability and low maintenance, the SC450 is a sound long term investment for the cost conscious.

Other features of the SC450 include:

  • The low noise level enables daytime cleaning for increased efficiency
  • Polyethylene corrosion proof rotomolded tank ensures durability
  • Automatic squeegee release system when hitting obstacles provides reliable use and extended lifetime of equipment
  • Ease of use is supported by automatic vacuum motor shut off when tank is full, just like the brushes and water turns off automatically when in neutral
  • Large recovery tank and removable lid for easy cleaning – fast and hygienic
  • Most electrical components are placed in dedicated waterproof box for reliability and safety

Nilfisk Scrubber Dryer Sales Demonstration in Birmingham

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