Nilfisk S3 Industrial Vacuum Sale to Bolton Gourmet Food Company

If you’re a fan of scotch eggs you will be interested in our recent sale of a Nilfisk S3 Industrial Vacuum to a gourmet food manufacturer in Bolton. The owner of the company had been on the lookout for an industrial vacuum for use in their food processing kitchen. Their company was on our mailing list and having received our updated brochure was confident we could supply what they needed.

They needed a machine that would pick up residue pastry and bread crumbs. The machine also had to be robust in order to stand up to user error which is a problem that they had experienced recently.

The machine that we recommended was a Nilfisk S3 Industrial Vacuum. This machine is very user friendly and has a triple vacuum motor. It is also extremely robust. We took along a demonstration machine for them to look at. They were very impressed with the demonstration and have decided to purchase a new one from us which is now on order and should be with them shortly.

Nilfisk S2 S3 CFM Industrial Vacuum Range
Nilfisk S2 S3 CFM Industrial Vacuum Range

Happy Belly Gourmet Food

Happy Belly is a production kitchen in Bolton, Greater Manchester that handcraft delicious gourmet food. Their specialty Scotch Egg is a soft-boiled hen’s egg coated with Japanese Panko breadcrumbs, available in numerous flavours that can “flick your senses”. The food they make really does look delicious, take a look at the photograph below.

Scotch Egg Meal Photo Courtesy of Happy Belly Bolton
Scotch Egg Meal Photo Courtesy of Happy Belly Bolton

Alongside the traditional Scotch Egg, they also manufacture a variety of interesting ingredients which they supply to Delis, Farm shops, Pubs and Cafe’s across the United Kingdom.

Nilfisk S3 Industrial Vacuum

The S3 is a single-phase industrial vacuum with 3 “by-pass” motors. It’s fitted with an electronic board for easy control and monitoring and is available with a 50L bin, 100L bin or a Gravity Unload System (GU) with plastic or Longopac disposal Bag.

All the models have an easy to use electronic control panel, a manual filter shaker and a sit-down container system. Several variants are available partially or completely in Stainless Steel, with Upstream Hepa filter in order to meet specific specialist needs. Model S3 GU FM has instead of the metal bin a gravity unload device with a hopper where a simple plastic bag or a more sophisticated Longopac system can be fitted.

Main features include:

  • 3 independent “by pass” motors
  • Accessory box Cable & hose holders
  • Compact industrial machine for use anywhere in production areas
  • Easy to use electronic control board
  • Electric filter shaker (variant)
  • Gravity unload with plastic bag or Longopac
  • L class filter as standard
  • M Class filter as standard on S3 GU FM
  • Manual Filter shaker as standard
  • Sit down container with castors & handle
  • Solid and slim design

Food Manufacturer Chooses A3 Machines to supply Industrial Vacuum in Greater Manchester

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