Mobile Cleaning Equipment Demo for British Telecom

A3 Machines are a preferred supplier to British Telecom with whom we have previously provided a range of scrubber dryers in various locations around the UK; we also carry out their servicing and repairs. Recently they contacted us about some additional machines, namely floor polishers and multi wash floor cleaners and we were asked if we could make some recommendations and carry out a demonstration of mobile cleaning equipment.

These machines were for their team of mobile janitors who service several sites and so they were specifically looking for machines which were small and light enough to be lifted in and out of their company vans.

Having reviewed the brief we selected several machines from various suppliers that we felt would best suit their needs and arranged to meet several members of their cleaning team along with their manager at one of their Birmingham depots to carry out the demonstration.

Taski Ergodisc 11 Inch Floor Polisher
Taski Ergodisc 11 Inch Floor Polisher

Taski 11″ Ergodisc Mini Floor Polisher

Made by Diversey who are a leading global provider of cleaning solutions and weighing in at only 22kg we felt this mini floor polisher would be an ideal piece of versatile mobile cleaning equipment.

The Ergodisc comes in a number of sizes starting with the 11 inch model and is ideal for wet scrubbing, shampooing, spray cleaning and dry buffing.  For those who prefer metric the 11 inch working width converts to 28cm.  The brush speed of the machine is 240 RPM .



Truvox Orbis 11 Inch Floor Polisher
Truvox Orbis 11 Inch Floor Polisher

Truvox Orbis 11″ Floor Polisher

Similar to the Taski Ergodic, the Truvox Orbis Compact standard speed (240 rpm), single disc rotary floor polisher is designed for cleaning and scrubbing in confined spaces or small areas of floor.

Operating at only 62 decibels, the machine can be used during normal working hours without causing disruption, also at only 22kg it’s lightweight and the folding handle makes the machine easily transportable and an ideal piece of mobile cleaning equipment.

Other features of the machine are its ergonomic design which is very easy to operate and low level vibrations offering optimum operator comfort.


Victor Sprite 11 Inch Floor Polisher
Victor Sprite 11 Inch Floor Polisher

Victor Sprite 11″ Floor Polisher

This is a reconditioned machine which we had available and brought it along for consideration by the team as a low-cost option. Lightweight at 22kg and a 230 RPM working speed with an 11 inch (280cm) working width It has similar specs to the Ergodisc and Orbis machines.


All the mobile cleaning equipment described above are compact enough and light enough to be easily lifted in and out of Vans by the BT janitors and can be used on their hard floors either with a scrub brush or pad holder.

The Truvox Multi Wash 340 - Makes easy work of cleaning this dirty carpet
The Truvox Multi Wash 340 – Makes easy work of cleaning this dirty carpet

Truvox Multi Wash 340 Scrubber Dryer Carpet Cleaner

With interchangeable brushes for carpet or hard floor cleaning that can be easily changed by the operator the Truvox Multi Wash is a very versatile machine.  The machine uses technology usually found in larger scrubber dryers to wash, mop, scrubs and dry in one single pass. Featuring a rotating drum that removes the dirt from the brushes, you gain a spotless floor that’s ready to walk on in minutes

Truvox Multi Wash 340 Mobile Cleaning Equipment
A look inside the dirty water tank of the Truvox Multi Wash !!!
Quarry Tile Cleaning With Truvox Multi Wash 340
These tiles hadn’t been cleaned in a very long time – This is the Truvox Multi Wash going over the tiles for the first time

Duplex 340 Floor Steam Cleaner – Scrubber Dryer Plus Carpet Cleaner

Carpet Cleaning with Duplex 340 Floor Steam Cleaner
The Duplex 340 Floor Steam Cleaner, cutting through the dirty carpet

The Duplex 340 floor steam cleaner has a cleaning width of 34 cm’s (13 inches) and has a design that allows for cleaning on on all floor surfaces right up to the edge of walls and into corners.   The inbuilt steal generator applies steam to one of the contra rotating brushes which aids cleaning and leaves it sanitised and dry within moments.

Steam floor cleaners clean without the need for aggressive chemicals which makes the use of steam floor cleaning equipment both ecologically friendly and economically sound. This product is accepted on the water technology list.

Mobile Cleaning Equipment Demonstration at BT Birmingham

The BT personnel were very impressed with all the mobile cleaning equipment we demonstrated and are currently considering which machines to purchase.

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