Karcher BR40/25 Review

KARCHER is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pressure washers and floor cleaning equipment such as the Karcher BR40/25. Known fully as Alfred Karcher GmbH & Co. KG, it is a family owned German company based in Winnenden. According to their corporate identity statement, Karcher are:

“[…] the leading provider of cleaning systems, cleaning products and services for leisure, households, trade and industry worldwide. Our customers benefit enormously from using our effective, efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning products. We make a noticeable difference in the lives of our customers by providing effective, efficient solutions for everyday cleaning and watering tasks all over the world.”

They are certainly a household name in the UK and I suspect throughout Europe due mainly to the popularity of their “Home and Garden” range which many reading this article will recognise. Less well know is that Karcher also have a good reputation in commercial cleaning equipment with their “Professional” range which covers everything from small vacuum cleaners up to large ride on municipal sweepers.

For the purpose of this article however we are going to focus on the Karcher BR40/25 which has proved very popular our clients with smaller areas to clean such as restaurants and smaller retail stores.   Please note that Karcher are constantly reviewing their product line and have now replaced the BR40/25 (400mm cleaning width, 25 litre tank)  with the BR 45/22 (450mm cleaning width, 22 litre tank).

Karcher BR40/25 Benefits and Features

This walk behind Karcher battery powered floor cleaner is highly manoeuvrable and can clean up to 1,600 m² per hour. That’s an impressive performance for its small size which is due to its 400mm cleaning width and clever 25-litre “tank-in-tank” design. This, in turn, reduces the amount of time it takes to set the machine up and empty the tanks when needed. It is ideally suited for small to medium cleaning tasks and measures in at 800 x 575 x 830mm. All parts are fully replaceable, ensuring longevity. It also comes equipped with:

  • Battery and charger
  • Maintenance-free battery
  • Roller Brush
  • Straight squeegee

Karcher BR40/25 Maintenance

Due to its robust design the Karcher BR40/25 is well suited to be used as an everyday floor cleaning piece of equipment. However, regular usage will see the usual signs of wear and tear associated with frequently working with the machine. This is why it is recommended to have the Karcher BR40/25 receive annual servicing from a qualified engineer, who can address any current issues or things that may become issues if left unchecked. Issues which may need addressing include:

  • Charger issues including PAT testing
  • Drive belt maintenance
  • Greasing relevant parts
  • Hose seals
  • Scale build up in the tank

Fortunately, for any more serious problems that may occur, all the parts are fully replaceable, as aforementioned, making repairs relatively simple and economical. Recently, one of our engineers was called to repair a Karcher BR40/25 at a fashion retailer in Birmingham. An inspection found that the machine, the brushes of which were not rotating, had suffered a snapped drive belt. Our engineer simply replaced the belt and the machine was fully operational again.

As part of the A3 Machines service visit we provide operator training on the correct use and maintenance of the Karcher BR40/25 Scrubber Dryer to ensure as much of these items can be handled on site as possible.

Karcher BR40/25 Scrubber Dryer
Karcher BR 40 25 Battery Powered Scrubber Dryer

Karcher BR40/25 Battery Powered Scrubber Dryer Review

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