New Irish Supermarket Chain Chooses A3 Machines

A3 Machines were recently contacted by Home Savers in Limerick, Southern Ireland.  This is a new Irish Supermarket company who are looking to expand their business in Ireland over the next few years. It is hoped that they will open a further 49 stores within the next three years. The stores will sell an array of goods at a discounted rate, from chocolate bars, to cleaning products, electrical goods, furniture, luggage, the list is endless.

Demonstrating Floor Cleaning Machines in Ireland

In preparation of the opening of their flagship store, they were keen to ensure that they had the right floor cleaning equipment to maintain the floors in the store and to ensure the floor was clean before opening its doors to the public. Having ascertained the size of the store etc were able to recommend two machines and we sent our MD, Charles Lowe across the water to meet the store manager and to demonstrate the machines.

The machines demonstrated were a Viper AS5160 Battery Operated Scrubber Dryer and a Viper 24 Battery Operated Scrubber Dryer.

Specification Viper AS5160 Viper Fang 24
Length (cm): 137 141
Width (cm): 60 66
Height (cm): 122 100
Squeegee width (cm): 79 81
Solution/Recovery Tank (litres): 61/61 66/75
Vacuum Motor (watts): 350 560
Brush Motor (watts): 450 560 x 2

The Viper Fang 24 is clearly a more powerful machine and larger machine which increases the productivity of the operator however in this case due to some of the isles being quite narrow, it was decided that the Viper Fang 24 was too large and therefore they opted for the Viper AS5160.

VIPER AS5160 Battery Operated Scrubber Dryer
Irish Supermarket Cleaning with a Viper AS5160 Battery Operated Scrubber Dryer

A full demonstration was given in various parts of the store and they were very impressed with the result. It was decided there and then to purchase the machine which was brand new. Charles stayed and gave full on-site training to the store manager and two other members of staff. Additional training was given to the store manager to enable him to train future employees (train the trainer).

HOME SAVERS Irish Supermarket Limerick Ireland
HOME SAVERS Supermarket Limerick Ireland – A little restricted as they were still stocking the shelves

This was an outright purchase and they have also opted to take out a service plan with A3 Machines which should ensure the machine works at its optimal level and reduces the chance of unwanted downtime through wear and tear.

Choosing the Right Floor Cleaning Machine for an Irish Supermarket

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