Garage Floor Cleaning Machine Lease in Cheshire

Whilst we at A3 Machines offer specific services, such as repairs, training, services and sales, we also offer competitive lease packages, which enable our customers to take a machine from us for a fixed period and cost to suit them. Our trained sales staff have in-depth knowledge and experience to be able to recommend the right machine for any situation and budget. Detailed below is a recent example where we were tasked to specify a garage floor cleaning machine for a VW dealership in Cheshire.  The manager of the dealership was interested in acquiring the machine under a Lease Purchase contract and after making a recommendation we arranged to make a site visit the next day.

Nilfisk Garage Floor Cleaning Machine

The workshop area was approximately 15,000 sq feet and contained eight bays as well as a central area.  Because of the nature of the work carried out, there were several areas which were badly marked with oil and rubber residue. Having made the site visit we were able to recommend the most suitable garage floor cleaning machine and we re-visited the following day with a new Nilfisk SC401 Pedestrian Scrubber Dryer which the customer was very impressed with as they found it to be very user friendly.

We provided the customer with lease figures which they found very favourable. We also provided them with a service package over a three-year period.  The benefit of Lease Purchase is that it enables the customer to spread the cost and it is 100 percent tax efficient, the service package can also be arranged on a lease basis.

Nilfisk SC401 Pedestrian Scrubber Dryer

Designed and built with proven Nilfisk technology the SC401 will increase daily cleaning productivity in, e.g. offices, shops, hotels, schools, hospitals, workshops etc. The high and consistent performance is ensured by the 43 cm scrub deck equipped with brush or pad. Thanks to the superior water pick-up provided by the curved squeegee system the floor is left completely dry – and you can keep up the good work for a long time: Up to 4 hours of continuous scrubbing and drying on a fully charged battery, and up to 100 minutes before the solution tank needs to be refilled.

Nilkisk have created the following professional video which explains some of the key benefits of the machine and why we felt it was the ideal garage floor cleaning machine.

Using the machine is simple and requires very little training. The 4 wheels make the SC401 easy to maneuver, and the OneTouch™ button activates all functions with one click. Furthermore, the cleaning settings can be changed on the fly thanks to the simple 3 buttons on the dashboard.  Please note the machine is offered in both battery and cable version. The battery version is available also with traction to maximize user’s ergonomics and comfort when using the machine.

Cleaning Machine Lease Purchase Enquiry from Cheshire Garage

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