Floor Sweeper Demonstration – Louth Tennis Club

Clearing large areas of debris due to weather or activities can be labour intensive and quite a problem if you need to do it on a regular basis. The solution is the mechanical floor sweeper which are available in many sizes from small pedestrian models all the way up to ride on municipal road sweepers.

I mention this as we recently demonstrated two floor sweeper models to a Tennis Club in Louth, Lincolnshire. If you follow our blog on a regular basis you may recall Back in November 2017, A3 Machines Limited supplied Louth Tennis Club with a Gansow CT110 Ride-On Scrubber Dryer for use on their four indoor tennis courts which they are still using this machine on a daily basis.

At the time that we supplied the scrubber dryer they already had a floor sweeper which was used to clear the courts of any debris prior to washing the surface. However, last week we received a call to say that their sweeper had been condemned and could we please supply them with a reconditioned one.

Tennis Court Cleaning – Floor Sweeper Demonstration

The Louth Tennis Club is a privately-owned club which opened in 2011, it has three all-weather floodlit out door courts, four indoor courts, a tennis shop and a restaurant. They give coaching to people of all ages and abilities.

After discussing their needs over the phone and having the advantage of working with them the year before we were able to take along two reconditioned pedestrian floor sweeper machines that we felt would best suit their needs.

Nilfisk SW750 Debris Collection at Louth Tennis Club
Demonstrating Debris Collection with a Nilfisk SW750 Foor Sweeper at Louth Tennis Club

The first floor sweeper to be demonstrated was a Tennant S8 and this was followed by Nilfisk SW750, both machines are of a similar specification and performed well on the tennis court. After spending some time getting to the know the machines they decided on the Nilfisk SW750 which they found to be more user friendly and manoeuvrable. Keen to get up and running with a replacement machine they made the decision to purchase the machine there and then thus saving on a later delivery charge.




Floor Sweeper Comparison – The Nilfisk SW750 Vs Tennant S8

Both floor sweepers are battery powered which allows them to roam untethered for many hours on a single charge, additionally they are very quiet which allows them to be used in noise sensitive areas.

Specification Nilfisk SW750 Tennant S8
Dimensions lxwxh (cms) 99 x 80 x 62 119 x 72 x 91
Working width  (cms) 72 67
Hopper Capacity (litres) 60 35L (front) 20L (rear)
Weight (kg) 68 77
Sound Level (Db) 59 62
Productivity (m2 per Hour) 1730 2500
Operation Time Hours 2 (3.5 with additional battery) 4
Nilfisk SW750 Demonstration at Louth Tennis Club Tennant T8 Floor Sweeper Demonstration Louth Tennis Club

Choosing a Tennis Court Floor Sweeper in Lincolnshire

To contact A3 Machines and arrange a Floor Sweeper Demonstration please visit:  http://www.a3machines.co.uk

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