Floor Cleaning at a Refrigerated Food Distribution Warehouse

A3 Machines recently received a call from a distribution warehouse in Telford who distribute refrigerated food for a well-known supermarket. Besides needing to keep the floor of the distribution center clean, they also had an issue with “puddles” of water forming in the pedestrian walkways caused by condensation from the cooling fans dripping down the metal roof supports onto the floor.

Understanding the Floor Cleaning Requirements

Many of these areas where the problem was occurring were in less accessible parts of the warehouse which were difficult to get close to using their current floor cleaning machine. This was health and safety concern for the company who for many years they had been using a rather dated scrubber dryer in the main area of the warehouse and relying on a mop and bucket to mop up the puddles.

Ideally, they wanted a machine that would handle both tasks and a combination of events prompted the company to act. First their current machine was quite old and was no longer viable and second one of their employees had recently slipped whilst mopping the floor. We were asked to suggest a better solution and so a site survey was carried out at the distribution warehouse in Telford to ensure we captured all the requirements.

Distribution Warehouse Floor Cleaning with a Viper Fang 24T

Viper Fang 24T Floor Cleaning Demonstraion at a Distribution Warehouse Telford
Viper Fang 24T Warehouse Floor Cleaning Demonstraion

The day after our Site Survey was carried out we returned to demonstrate a Viper Fang 24T Battery Operated Self Driven Walk Behind Scrubber Dryer, to give its full title.  We felt this machine was perfect for keeping the warehouse floor clean and safe to walk on as it delivers the cleaning solution from the front of the machine, scrubbing it into the floor as it goes along and extracts the soiled solution whilst drying the floor using the suction rubber from behind.

The 24T model sits in the middle of the Viper Fang range which consists of five machines of various sizes and capabilities, for a quick overview please visit the following webpge: http://sales.a3machines.info/viper-fang-scrubber-dryer-overview/

But what about those puddles in the pedestrian walkways? .. No problem, as were able to provide a suction hose, which attaches to the Viper Fang 24T, this accessory can get right up to the base of the supports as well as being able to fit underneath racking where some of the puddles also formed.

Viper Fang Suction Hose Attachment Accessory
Viper Fang Suction Hose Attachment

They were very impressed with the result and asked how long it would be before we could deliver to them. As the Viper that we took along with us was one of our demonstration machines, we offered to let them buy that one which gave them a saving and meant that we were able to leave it with them. As for the accessory suction hose, this was from our stock and therefore we were able to leave this with them too. They also had the added advantage of not having to pay a delivery charge.

Before leaving full training was given to four members of their staff, including tips on preventative maintenance.

Choosing a Scrubber Dryer for a Shropshire Distribution Warehouse

For pricing and further information please visit the following page on the A3 Machines website: http://www.a3machines.co.uk/equipment-sales/scrubber-driers-and-cleaning-machines/viper-fang-24t-battery-operated-scrubber-dryer

To contact A3 Machines to arrange a demonstration on the Viper Fang Scrubber Dryer please visit:  http://www.a3machines.co.uk/contacts/

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