Factory Floor Cleaning with a Leased Hako Scrubmaster

At A3 Machines we understand that many of our customers prefer to spread the cost of a floor cleaning machine, such as a Hako Scrubmaster, over the length of its use. Not only does this ensure your capital investment is minimal it also has other advantages including:

  • During the term of the agreement, you may also up-grade, add or delete equipment. Ensuring that your business has the right tools to deliver the highest level of productivity.
  • The equipment is fully maintained on a regular basis by specialist service personnel, thus ensuring maximum performance with perfect results on your floors.

This proved to be an attractive option for a pharmaceutical manufacturer in Bedford for who we were able to supply two machines at very competitive prices.

Dermal Laboratories logo

Dermal Pharmaceuticals Bedford

Founded by a doctor in 1963, Dermal is one of the few truly independent UK pharmaceutical companies. For over 50 years Dermal has focused on researching and developing novel dermatological treatments. Cleanliness being an essential part of the process where manufacturing of their lotions is concerned, they contacted A3 Machines for advice and to discuss buying options.

We started with a site survey to ascertain the floor type, area and traffic/footfall. The manufacturing and storage comprises of two large units, both of similar size but one having narrower aisles. The floors were concrete which were painted light grey in colour. There were lots of black marks on the floors caused by fork lift truck traffic.

The customer informed us that they would like to purchase two machines, one for each unit as this will save moving the machine around between the two and having visited the site to carry out a survey we recommended a Hako Scrubmaster B90 Battery Operated Scrubber Dryer for the unit with the narrower aisles and a Hako Scrubmaster B120 Battery Operated Scrubber Dryer for the other unit. Being an independent supplier of floor cleaning machines, we are not bound to any manufacturer and are able to suggest exactly the right solution for any situation. In this case we were able to supply refurbished machines which offer excellent value and due to the robust design still have many years of service ahead of them; as with all our machines they come with a 12 months parts and labour warranty.

Their next decision was payment methods and we discussed the options with them. It was decided that they would go for lease purchase. The benefit of this method is that it is 100 percent tax efficient and payments are spread over three years.

Delivery of both machines has now been made and full on-site training was given to the cleaning team including operational use and regular maintenance.

HAKO Scrubmaster B90 / B120
HAKO Scrubmaster B90 / B120

Hako Scrubmaster B90/B120 Comparison

Hako Machines Ltd was established in 1979 and now offers and extensive range of high performance commercial and municipal cleaning machines from a small wet and dry vacuum to large diesel road sweepers.

The Hako Scrubmaster range of pedestrian floor scrubber dryers offer high performance and efficient operation that’s ideal for use in medium and large sized areas.

Hako Scrubmaster B90 Hako Scrubmaster B120
Working width cm 65 85
Squeegee width cm 95 110
Coverage (m2) 3,200 4,200
Solution tank (l) 85 110
Recovery tank (l) 85 115

Factory Floor Cleaning with Hako Scrubmaster

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