Factory Cleaning with a High Performance Nilfisk BR850S

Sometimes, no matter how good a machine is, if the area it is expected to clean is too large, then it’s going to become exhausted and suffer a break down.  This was the case at a company in Nottinghamshire who manufacture sauces, dressings, mayonnaise and garlic butter.   To keep the floors of the factory clean they had been using a Numatic battery operated scrubber dryer which with a capacity of only 60 litres was in constant use resulting in breakdowns from over use.  We had attended the factory several times to carry out repairs to the machine and on each occasion our engineer advised them that the problem was that the machine was simply too small to carry out such a large task.

The food industry has the tightest of cleaning regimes as any issue with a food product can reflect badly on the company very quickly resulting in a real impact on reputation and sales.  It’s quite important therefore that a high standard is maintained and so after the most recent breakdown the asked us to recommend a suitable replacement.

Specifying a Factory Floor Cleaning Machine

With our engineers having first hand knowledge of the installation and their requirements they were able to brief the sales team well on the needs of the factory.  The sales team reviewed the requirements and spoke with the facilities manager at the factory to understand what else they needed and the preferred method of payment, e.g. outright purchase, lease, hire etc.  The result of this was the recommendation of a Nilfisk BR850S Battery Operated Ride on Scrubber Dryer which has a huge tank capacity of 157 litres and a productivity rating of 5,500 m2 per hour.  Being more productive than their old machine would mean less overtime for the cleaning team resulting in savings for the company, however being a ride-on machine the job would be easier so it was a win win all round..

After discussing the options we agreed a date to drive across to the factory with a Nilfisk BR850S and give them a full demonstration.  Measuring 155cm long and 88cm wide these are large machines but very manoeuvrable none the less and just the right size to squeeze into one of our service vehicles.   We conducted the demonstration on the factory floor so they could get a good idea of its capabilities and being used to the old Numatic machine they were very impressed at just how quickly it got the job done and how clean it left the floor.

Happy with the demonstration and satisfied that the Nilfisk BR850S was big enough to do the job they purchased a  brand-new machine which has now been ordered and should be in place by the time your reading this post.  We have also agreed to give the cleaning staff full training in the operation and maintenance of the machine and they have also taken our a service package.

Nilfisk BR850S Battery Operated Ride-on Scrubber Drier

The Nilfisk BR850S ride-on scrubber/dryers have long been renowned and praised for their reliability and working performance. The latest upgrades have now made this superb range of units even better. All the existing features and benefits remain, to which new ones have been added. For example, drive and rear wheel traction has been improved, a new squeegee concept has been introduced for faster and better floor drying, there is a new recovery tank inlet system, a brand new robust foot pedal concept has been added, and the new innovative Ecoflex system keeps the consumption control, but it also guarantees the possibility to boost temporarily water and detergent for more aggressive cleaning tasks; green meets clean.

As our advice to the customer in this case indicates, this machine is ideally suited to large-scale industrial cleaning operations, with a wide cylindrical brush radius and excellent manoeuvrability. Plus, the 157 litre tanks and the brush speeds of 250rpm add to this machines repertoire as an excellent choice for those larger cleaning tasks.

Sale of Nilfisk BR850S to Sauce Manufacturing Company in Nottinghamshire

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