Cleaning Concrete Floors at Donnington Pastry Manufacturer

A3 Machines were contacted recently about a new machine for cleaning concrete floors at their manufacturing facility in Donnington. The company specialise in the production of top end patisseries including gluten free pastry aimed at the higher end of the pastry market and supply several fine dining caterers and independent bakeries.

They have been trading from their premises in Donnington for ten years and were looking for a machine that was capable of scrubbing and drying and generally cleaning concrete floors in several areas of their premises. This was to improve hygiene and to cut down on the time cleaning concrete which was being done with a jet hose.

The three key areas to be cleaned were the refrigerated store room which was kept at a constant minus 2 degrees, consequently nobody wanted to be in there for too long, the pastry prep area (also very chilly) and the indoor loading bay.

To avoid any cross contamination, we recommended different coloured pads for each area and that the front skirts and squeegee rubber be thoroughly cleaned prior to moving between the different areas.

Scrubber Dryer Machine Demonstration

After collating all the requirements, we organised a date to go over to Donnington and demonstrate two refurbished floor cleaning machines. The machines were a Taski 1255B and a Viper Fang 24T. Both machines are battery operated walk behind pedestrian scrubber dryers.

The floors were concrete and had been tamped rather than polished, hence they were not very level, they had also been painted in a pale grey colour. Due to fact that there were a number of small dips in the floor it was clear that a number of passes with the machine would be required to get these areas completely free from dirt.

Concrete Cleaning with a Taski 1255B Scrubber Dryer in Donnington
Concrete Cleaning with a Taski 1255B Scrubber Dryer in Donnington

The pastry prep room was the most challenging due the amount of spilt flour and pastry. As the floor was so dirty, we began by putting down water and food hygiene specific cleaning solution and left it down for a few minutes before using the vacuum process to suck it up.

Concrete Cleaning with a Viper Fang 24T Scrubber Dryer in Donnington
Concrete Cleaning with a Viper Fang 24T Scrubber Dryer in Donnington

Choosing a Scrubber Dryer for Cleaning Concrete

Both machines were used in the demonstration and both performed equally well, the cleaning operative then tried them both for himself and stated that he preferred the Viper.

Having given the managing director quotes for all the purchase options he decided to purchase the machine on an interest free basis over 36 monthly payments which made the purchase very affordable. Additionally, all of our new and refurbished machines are covered by a 12 months parts and labour warranty.

Before leaving we ensured that their cleaning operative was fully trained on the machine and was also given advice on preventative maintenance. If you have been reading our repair and service blogs, you will know just how important preventive maintenance is.

I should mention A3 Machines Ltd also supply pads, cleaning solutions and parts providing a one stop shop for all your cleaning machine needs.

Choosing a Concrete Cleaning Machine in Donnington

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