Classroom Floor Cleaning at the Lakelands Academy

Last month we published an article called “Planning for the Big School Holiday Clean” discussing how schools and colleges up and down the country will soon be making classroom floor cleaning and maintenance plans for the summer recess. With no students using the facilities it’s an ideal time to carry out a deep clean.

Many establishments still employ old fashioned (mop and bucket) methods for cleaning their floors and we are always more than happy to pay them a visit and demonstrate how a modern scrubber dryer can do the same job more effectively and quicker.

This point was not lost on the head of maintenance at the at Lakelands Academy in Shropshire who had requested a demonstration to see what these machines can do.

Classroom Floor Cleaning at the Lakelands Academy

Situated at the edge of the rural town of Ellesmere, in the beautiful ‘Lake District’ of Shropshire, Lakelands Academy caters for children between the ages of eleven and sixteen and has a capacity for 580 pupils.

In recent years the academy has undergone ambitious refurbishment and new build projects including a Science building housing 5 laboratories and classrooms, a new suite of purpose-built classrooms, a complete refurbishment of the English Faculty and a new suite of rooms for the Arts Faculty are amongst the many improvements.

With such a large facility to clean and wishing to prepare for the “the big clean” during the summer holidays, they were keen to get things sorted, after all, this dry weather sadly isn’t going to last forever, and they also want to be ready for those 580 wet, dirty feet coming through the entrances during the long winter months which would make classroom floor cleaning a regular task.

Floor Cleaning Demonstration with a Viper Fang 24T

Having discussed their needs with the head of maintenance in an earlier phone conversation we were aware of their needs including like many schools the fact that they were on a tight budget. We were also told that the machine would be mainly used for cleaning the floors in the classrooms and corridors, all of which were concrete with a vinyl covering.

School Corridor Classroom Floor Cleaning Before
School Corridor Before Cleaning

With all this in mind we decided to take along an ex demo Viper Fang 24T Scrubber Dryer. The machine is battery powered and with a 66-litre tank to hold the cleaning solution it can clean up to 2,400 m2 of flooring per hour. Additionally, its only 66cm wide and so will be to navigate around the school classrooms and corridors without problem.

School Corridor Classroom Floor Cleaning After
School Corridor After Cleaning

The cleaning manager was very impressed and being a demonstration machine, we were able to provide the school with a good price should they wish to purchase the machine that included the usual warranty. Having consulted with the school’s finance officer the offer was accepted and they able to take delivery of the machine there and then. Naturally before leaving we spent time giving the cleaning team training on its operation and maintenance, all part of the service.


School Corridor Classroom Floor Cleaning with a Viper Fang 24T
School Corridor Classroom Floor Cleaning with a Viper Fang 24T

Machine Cleaning School Classrooms and Corridors in Ellesmere

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