Cinema Cleaning with a Taski Scrubber Dryer for Odeon Cinemas

We had to put our thinking caps on recently when Odeon approached us about purchasing a Cinema Cleaning machine. As you know, cinemas (or movie theaters as the American’s like to call them) have a very high footfall with 1,000’s of people stepping through their doors every month. This can produce a lot of dirt and grime, which needs to be cleaned daily to keep up the appearance of the cinema.

Their main concern was the large concourse at the front of the cinema where people gather, purchase tickets and buy food and drink etc. Our job was to recommend a reliable hard floor cleaning machine that could clean large floor quickly, safely and effectively. They wanted to purchase the machine outright and were working within a budget.

Odeon Cinema Logo

Odeon Cinemas

Founded back in 1930, ODEON is the largest and best-known cinema chain in the UK and Ireland. Their flagship ODEON Luxe cinema in London’s Leicester Square is globally famous for hosting over 700 of Europe’s biggest film premieres and now features the ultimate in Dolby image and sound technology.

Today Odeon are owned by AMC Theatres, the largest movie exhibition company in the world. They are “Fanatical About Film” and constantly strive to innovate and improve the whole cinema experience in order to give every guest a great experience every time they visit.

Presenting a clean and inviting environment for their customers is part of the key to their success. However, when your selling over 2,000 tonnes of popcorn and nearly 50 mega-litres of drinks at their cinemas every year effective cinema cleaning can present a huge problem.

Cinema Cleaning with a TASKI Combimat 1600
Cinema Cleaning with a TASKI Combimat 1600

TASKI Combimat 1600 Scrubber Dryer

To meet their requirements and budget we recommended a TASKI Combimat 1600 battery powered Scrubber Dryer. This machine is perfect for cleaning hard floors in large areas and small enough to fit into corridors.

The TASKI Combimat is a robust machine that features a sideways off-set brush that is ideal for cinema cleaning. The off-set brush can perform edge-close cleaning along walls and under over hanging furniture such as chiller cabinets and counters. The capacity of the machine’s battery, cleaning solution and recovery tanks are also more than enough to clean the concourse and surrounding areas in one go.

Other specifications include:

  • Working Width: 70cm
  • Squeegee Width: 99cm
  • Solution Tank: 85 Litres
  • Recovery Tank: 85 Litres
  • Battery Voltage: 24v
  • Weight: 480kg
  • Dimensions: 1560 x 770 x 1000mm

I’m pleased to report that Odeon have purchased the machine which has now been delivered to site by one of our engineers who also provided training to the cleaning staff at the cinema. The machine is also backed with our 12 months parts and labour warranty so if they have any problems they just need to call.

Recommending a Cinema Cleaning machine for Odeon Cinemas

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