Canteen Floor Cleaning Demo at Teagle Farm Machinery – Truro

Workplace canteens often have tough non-slip linoleum installed to prevent slips and trips, however abrasive surfaces such as these can be difficult to keep clean as dirt can easily become trapped making Canteen Floor Cleaning a tricky problem to crack.

This was exactly the problem experiences by Teale Farm Machinery who invited us down to their manufacturing facility in Truro to demonstrate a machine that would successfully keep their Altro non-slip safety floor clean.

Teagle Farm Machinery

Teagle Farm Machinery was established in 1943 and named after its founder William Thomas Teagle (Tom) on the family farm close to Truro. He started off manufacturing horse drawn tip carts for local farmers. But as his flair for engineering developed, so did his range of farming machinery.

The company has seen many other companies come and go during its 75-year history and today its range of Tomahawk livestock Feeder Bedders lead the market and form the cornerstone of a comprehensive range of machinery offered to Livestock and Arable farmers and Horticultural growers worldwide. Tom would be proud to know that from his humble beginnings, the company that he founded now ship to 35 countries, employing over 150 people at its plant in Truro.

Canteen Floor Cleaning Demonstration

Teagle contacted us to find a Canteen Floor Cleaning solution and after getting as much information as we could over the phone we arranged a date to go down to Truro and demonstrate a couple of machines we felt would be able to deal with the problem.

The first machine was a Viper AS380C Mains Operated Scrubber Dryer. This machine dries going forwards only. The other machine was a Karcher B40/10C, also Mains Powered, Scrubber Dryer which scrubs and dries going forwards and in reverse.

Specification Viper AS380C Karcher B40/10C
Brush speed (rpm) 140 1100
Operating weight (kg) 40 30
Productivity rate (m2 /h) 750 400
Brush motor (W) 250 2300
Gross weight  (kg) 44 30
Solution / Recovery Tank Capacity Litres 15 / 15L 10 / 10
Pad / Brush Size (mm) 380 400
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 780x415x590 520 x 470 x 380


Canteen Floor Cleaning with a VIPER AS380C Canteen Floor Cleaning with a Karcher B4010C
Viper AS380C Demonstration Karcher B4010C Demonstration

Working on a small area of the canteen floor, we found that the Viper machine did not clean the floor quite as well as the Karcher. This was due to the fact that the Karcher has two cylindrical brushes which applied more pressure than the Viper machine which was fitted with a floor pad.

Canteen Floor Cleaning Demonstration with a Karcher B4010C
Canteen Floor Cleaning Demonstration with a Karcher B4010C

Canteen Floor Cleaning Demonstration in Truro

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