Acrylic Tennis Court Cleaning at Southend on Sea Sports Centre

Recently our sales team paid a visit to a large sports centre in Southend on Sea to demonstrate a machine for Acrylic Tennis Court Cleaning.  The centre had several internal courts which were being cleaned with a pedestrian scrubber dryer.  With the overall size of a Tennis Court being approximately 300m2 each the cleaning team were getting a lot of exercise running it around the court.

Acrylic Tennis Court Cleaning with a Fimap Mxr

The floors had an acrylic covering on them and were quite heavily stained in some areas and their old machine was now struggling to make a difference.   The club were now looking for a new cleaning machine, so after weighing in the needs of the sports centre, we recommended a battery powered Fimap Mxr scrubber dryer.    

We took the machine down to Southend in Essex and set it up along the edge of one of the tennis courts.  The battery had already been charged up overnight so after filling the solution tank with detergent we began the demonstration. 

Acrylic Tennis Court Cleaning with a Fimap Mxr

The demo went well, and they were especially impressed with the machine being a ride on scrubber dryer and couldn’t believe the difference in time and efficiency a ride on machine made.   It was also clear how versatile the machine was and with the simple change of the floor cleaning pad it could be used to clean other surfaces at the sports centre such as tiling.

Fimap Mxr Ride on Scrubber Dryer

The Fimap Mxr scrubs and dries in the same areas where a walk-behind scrubbing machine would normally be used, but it’s faster and more comfortable.  The operator remains comfortably seated and can easily move in limited spaces, quickly passing from one area to another – even in a lift – in total safety and without having to get off the machine.

It has the capacity to work at double the speed of a walk-behind scrubbing machine and its compact size means it can be easily be transported so you can take it wherever its needed.

Swimming Pool Tile Cleaning with the Fimap Mxr Scrubber Dryer

Other features include:

  • it requires little maintenance
  • it is built with top quality materials
  • it uses waste-reducing technologies
  • it scrubs more square metres in the same time
  • it can be used anywhere, at any time
  • it is comfortable, safe and user-friendly

The Main Specifications of the Fimap Mxr are:

Machine Weight 110 kg
Turning Circle 1540mm
Solution / Recovery Tank 70 litres / 70 litres
Max Working Capacity 3,000 m2 per hour
Dimensions ( l x h x w ) 1265 x 1030 x 600 mm
Squeegee width 703 – 799 mm
Brush Motor 450 watts
Brush Pressure 23 kg
Forward Speed 5.5 km/hr
Working Width 560 mm

Acrylic Tennis Court Cleaning Machine

After discussing the finance options with the sports centre team which included long term hire and lease, they decided to the purchase the machine outright.  All our machines are provided with twelve months warranty and an up-to-date PAT test.

Fimap Mxr Ride on Scrubber Dryer Demonstration in Essex

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