The A3 Floor Cleaning Machine Sales Experience

Here are A3 Machines we understand the value of a long term customer relationship and do our upmost to ensure our customers receive the very best cleaning machine sales experience and after care we can provide. It’s tricky of course to know if you have met their expectations so we find the best measure is a returning customer. On that note we received a call last week from the manager of a retail store cleaning team in South Wales who had decided it was time to purchase a brand-new floor cleaning machine. Having dealt with us before, we were top of their supplier list and they had already decided on which machine to purchase so there was no need to schedule in an on-site demonstration.  We walked through the purchase options over the phone (Lease/Outright Purchase – New Machine, Ex Demo Machine or Reconditioned) and we were able to send an engineer down to deliver the machine and provide on-site training soon after. The store was in Cardiff which has seen significant redevelopment over the years growing from a small town to a large city resulting in ample opportunity for retailers.

Cleaning Machine Sales

The decision to purchase a new machine followed the demise of their ten-year-old Scrubber Drier so the cleaning staff were delighted when one of our engineers turned up with a brand new Viper Fang 24T Battery Operated walk behind scrubber dryer. The store had used their old scrubber dryer daily during its ten-year life-span and good maintenance and proper use of the machine had seen it last for a decade which just goes to show the importance of regular maintenance. However, it was now in need of repair, but with the cost of replacing numerous worn pats it was no longer cost effective to do so and would work out cheaper in the long run to simply buy a brand-new unit.

Whilst the staff were clearly very capable of operating the new machine, some changes of staff over the years meant that our engineer needed to give training to the team before he left it in their very capable hands. This meant training each member of the team individually, before assigning someone as the store trainer for when new members of staff were brought in, that way any extra training needed could be given in store, rather than calling A3 Machines for another visit. Training is given in the operational use of the machine as well as performing regular maintenance checks which in the case of the Viper Fang range of machines includes the following:

Operational Training:

  • Safe use of the Machine including Charging.
  • Familiarsation with the Controls
  • Filling and Discharging the Tanks
  • Changing of Cleaning Pads
  • Problem Troubleshooting

General Maintenance:

  • Battery Top up with Distilled Water
  • Checking Hose Connections
  • Cleaning the Filter and dealing with filter Blockages
  • Descaling the Water Tank
  • Checking for Excessive Wear

Viper Fang 24T Battery Powered Pedestrian Scrubber Dryer

The Viper 24T scrubber-dryer is a robust yet manoeuvrable floor cleaning machine which has proved very popular with our customers.  It works in virtue of two tanks, one of which releases clean water and chemicals. The brushes then scrub the floor and the dirty water is sucked up as the machine moves over it, depositing the dirty water in the second tank. This makes it very simple to dispose of the dirty water, and the 66-litre tank means the user can spend less time emptying and more time cleaning.  The ”T” stands for “traction”, and differs from the non-traction model in that it has an extra, third motor which drives the machine forward making cleaning floors effortless for the operator.

For pricing please see the following excerpt from our new cleaning machine sales brochure which is due out in June 2018, if you would like a copy of the brochure please call our office on 01630 661 596.

Cleaning Machine Sales - Viper Fang 24T Scubber Dryer Pricing


Cardiff Retailer Purchase of a New Viper Fang 24T Scrubber Dryer

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